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Welcome to Mightypawz!


**No kittens currently available**

My name is Naomi and together with the help of my family we breed our magnificent Maine Coons. We are a small boutique cattery originally located in North Queensland, however in late 2017 our family (including our furkids) made the exciting move to the Wellington region of New Zealand! Our home-based breeding program is our family hobby and our passion, not a business. Our lovely cats have excellent pedigrees, ensuring we are producing excellent quality genuine Maine Coon kittens.


At Mightypawz we focus on producing healthy kittens with loving temperaments, diverse pedigrees and stunning quality looks. Our kittens are well socialised and are fed a premium diet. As we are a small hobby breeder our adorable Maine Coon kittens are only available occasionally and only to permanent loving homes.


Mightypawz is a registered Breeder with the New Zealand Cat Fancy (NZCF). For more information about our breeding program and Maine Coons please read through our website. 


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For details on kitten availablity, please contact Naomi - mightypawz@outlook.com  :-)