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Studs and Queens














Name: Dbl Gr Ch. (NZCF) Rascal Gandalf the White (AKA: Gandalf)

Toes: Non-poly

Colour: White (yellow-eyed)


Name: Mightypawz Hades PP (AKA: Hades)

Toes: Polydactyl 

Colour: Black Solid








Name: Hiamovi Dicha

Toes: Non-poly

Colour: Black Silver Classic Tabby with White









Name: Queen of Ice of Wyecoon (AKA: Isee)

Toes: Non-poly

Colour: White (odd-eyed)






Future Queens

Name: Mightypawz Whitsuday (AKA: Sunny)

Toes: Polydactyl

Colour: Black Smoke










Name: Mightypawz Hill of Grace (AKA: Gracie)

Toes: Non-poly

Colour: Black Silver Mackerel Tortie Tabbie




Name: Mightypawz Padme 

Toes: Non-poly

Colour: Blue tortie with white


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